Agronomy & Farming

In addition to raising cattle, our operation has a strong background in agronomy and farming. Shelly ia a K-State graduates, who has built extensive career as a crop consultant. An expert in crop and land management, Kansas Cattle Company maintains progressive agronomic standards. In addition to our excellent Angus replacements, we produce corn, soybeans, wheat, cover crops for grazing, alfalfa and prairie hay.

Kansas Cattle Company is a primarily no-till farming operation. Our landlords trust us to produce an excellent crop, while maintaining soil health and placing a strong emphasis on environmental quality and stewardship of the land.

We know that passing the management of your land to someone outside the family can be a difficult decision. If you are looking for an involved relationship, and someone who provides practical management that maximizes production, while sustaining environmental quality, we invite you to partner with Kansas Cattle Company. Our team has a lifetime of farming experience, specialized knowledge in crop production and the capability to manage a large number of acres. To begin a conversation about our land management availability please contact us.

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